What are QR Codes?

Quick Response (QR) Codes were originally developed to be next generation barcodes to help with physical goods tracking. With the growing popularity of smartphones (iPhone, Android and Blackberry), QR Codes have quickly found other novel uses including its ability to bridge the physical and digital realms by allowing people to scan QR Codes using their smartphones. Think of them as "bookmarks" for physical objects that allow you to learn more about an object and untethering from the physical space constraints to obtain more information about it. Click here to learn more about QR Codes (from Wikipedia).

Download a Free QR Code Reader

Most smartphone and tablet devices are equipped to scan and read QR Codes with a free download of a QR Code reader for your device.

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What is QRiousByNature?

QRiousByNature is a digital service that helps museums and galleries turn static exhibits into dynamic, interactive experiences. QRiousByNature was developed by TLG Digital to leverage the novelty of QR Codes to bridge physical and digital experiences for people who desire a deeper, multi-faceted connection with art and content. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about us (contact@qriousbynature.com)